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a murder chances against anthony ciancia -- ciancia. the fbi has found antigovernment writings allegedly penned by ciancia. >> on the floor. on the floor now! >> federal prosecutors are filing criminal charged against paul ciancia. he's charged with opening fire and killing gerardo hernandez and wounding others. filed multiple rounds at point- blank range. >> hernandez wife spoke to to reporters. >> he would have been 40 next week. i am devastated. >> a man who came face-to-face with the gunman said the suspect was looking for tsa employees. >> the shooter calmly walking down the corridor had his gun and looked at me and said tsa and i shook my head and he kept going. the fbi said law enforcement shot and wounded the gunman. a note on the suspect made his intend to harm the tsa clear. he addressed them in the letter and stated he wanted to "instill fear into their traitorous minds." >> law enforcement said ciancia originally from new jersey sent text messages to family saying he was unhappy and discouraged living in los angeles. >> it was to his little brother and they had concern about
the fbi that osama bin laden was hiding in a compound in pakistan back in 2003. lee is a gem merchant and says he got the information from a pakistan intelligence agent who's family had done business with lee for decades. >>> an angry letter to the thief that stole a bicycle inspired the generosity of strangers. oki fraray is a student who works 40 hours a week and spent her hard earned money on a new bicycle that was quickly stolen. she was so mad she wrote a letter to the thief and taped it flexion to the empty bike rack. >> i worked and i saved money. i have to pay my rent and i have to eat. i was struggling to do this. it was the one nice thing that i bought. >> reporter: the bike was her only means of transportation but the good part is the photos of the letters spread on the internet and several people have now offered to replace her wheels. she says if she ends up with a new bike and gets her other one back she will donate one of them to a deserving individual. >>> large numbers of star fish suddenly dying. it's a disturbing trend scientists first started seeing in canada then
under which he got the information. >> reporter: snowden also has his supporters. >>> the fbi held a ceremony to honor its new director. he said he wished his mother could see him now. >> she snapped over the shades every single mother and said, rise and shine and show the world what you're made of. i found it less inspiring at the time, but it made us who we are. and i will never forget that. >> come was the number two official when the nsa's wiretapping program came up for renewal. then attorney general ashrcroft was hospitalized at the time. he became fbi director last month. >>> a local baseball hero and a special tribute to his hometown petaluma and the 707 area code in sonoma county. >>> in two minutes the next hurdle to keep b.a.r.t. trains moving. we'll ask b.a.r.t. workers if they'll approve the deal. >>> new video from hayward. tonight the building on jackson and graham street are boarded up and the 10 people who live there were not allowed to return. a ford mustang crashed through a bedroom wall at around 3:00 this afternoon. the good news is nobody was hurt. officials s
residents inside. rob roth with the new revelations as the fbi joined the probe. >> 64-year-old edmund bascom was last seen at the barge station. >> mr. bascom has been a missing person many times in the past. we don't consider him at risk, but the fact that he went missing during this time period is a little bit concerning to us. >> bascom is one of 14 sick, and bedridden elderly patients in castro valley, after senior officials closed the facility thursday. paramedics were called to the facility that same day, thursday, to help a patient, but didn't see any notices saying the facility was closed. patients were left there for two more days before finally getting help. ingly suspect that they would have started this process sooner than saturday afternoon. >> reporter: the fbi is now assisting in the investigation. the owners of valley springs, also ran another senior facility on fruitvale avenue in oakland. new owners took over in february, changing the name from eaten manor to oak park. >> we didn't have water, we had no food. >> reporter: the new owners describe taking over in condit
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)